Monday, 6 August 2007

Yeah Right - James

Theres no denying it, Girl's Yeah Right video, and the Hot Chocolate tour, both directed by Spike Jonze, had a big part to play in influencing me to make movies, crossing skateboard roots with real creative techinques and that, rather than just your standard skate section.... a bunch of your best tricks edited together with a song wacked over the top...

I have no idea which one of these i made first, probably this one actually:

Theres not much to explain really... we used to skate a lot of undercover spots, sheltered from the rain, and take in, or build our own boxes and rails and that. They were there one minute, gone the next without a trace, before the office workers started work the next day, parking their cars where we had been skating for hours the night before. Its strange how much enjoyment we would get from a dry, smooth car park, something that the office workers probably dont regard as anything else than somewhere to get out of their car and walk into work withough getting wet. Supersmooth we love you. (Note, didnt even bother with tripod for the second one, just rocked it handheld.)

Invisible Skateboard Rail

Here is a video made probably in the winter of my last year at uni. It was an experiment for a 'real' film i was planning for uni, nothing to do with skateboarding at all, but using the same technique as you can see here. Ultimately the 'real' film got scrapped, but the skateboard film lives on. The majority of the photos on my bedroom wall were actually there before being used for the video, but i obviously planted the ones that are used for the transitions from photo to video. This video makes me all nostalgic about the good old days, especially sunday sessions:


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