Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hadouken! That Boy That Girl (college video 4) - Bob

A project at college called Creative Juices and a friends band called Hadouken! arrived at the same time to give me the perfect excuse to direct my first music video. Originally I had wanted to make a skate video section using photo cut-outs and desk objects. Tech deck obstacles with real people. So me and James went for a skate in the afternoon, then made this in the evening as a test to see what it would look like:

(click on picture to watch it)

It looked pretty rad, so I showed it to Nickdouken and asked if him and the rest of the band wanted to make a whole music video in that way, combined with Jamesdoukens' artwork. They said yes. First stop was to find a white room to film in so they had nice white borders once we cut them out. Studios are expensive, so we borrowed Martyns bedroom and James brought lots of painted hardboard and white gaffer that he had prepared the night before (with a broken arm!). Taa Daa! one white studio to shoot in for £20. This made martyn very happy and dance like a hamster.

There was just enough room to get Nicks drum kit in:

We had a pretty banging P.A system:

Pilau doing some guitar next to martyns wardrobe:

So from one bedroom to another, I setup an animation "studio" next to my bed...consisting of one cardboard box, one argos room lamp fitted to a clothes horse with gaffa tape, and boarded up windows to keep the light the same:

We cut out about 3000 of these:

The end result was finally finished about 3 months later, the initial animation only took 2 and abit weeks because of a college deadline (I got a B+), and then all the box stuff took ages cos I could hardly bring myself back to working on it after the 2 week slog.

(click on the picture to watch it)

By the time it was all finished the band had become abit of a myspace phenomenon, and the video made it to number 1 in the NME chart show on MTV2. The bands management also sorted out promotion for the video in NME which meant I had to do an interview over the phone with a guy in New was strange.


dataDyneDaz said...

I just found this blog cuz James used the username to post a comment on mine. Firstly... wow Bob, I had never seen this video before, despite the huge viewings on YouTube, it is freaking amazing. I don't think I can appreciate how long it must've taken to cut out all the frames! Haha. And seriously a B+? Were they insane? :-p

Secondly... OK I guess I didn't have a second thing. Just awesome work though. So creative!

chi_chi said...

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