Sunday, 5 August 2007

Getting it all a bit Chronny - James

Well. I guess where it all started for me would be the Surrey Heathens. Its really hard to actually explain what the Surrey Heathens actually was, which is strange considering its something i dedicated so much time to. I cant even really remember how it all started, who contacted who and for what purpose, but one moment we were skating outside the council offices every day, and the next, we were inside, in official meetings with council members. Its a shame i dont even have any photographic evidence to tell a story in pictures. I had pictures, once, but digital files of photos seem to have a habbit of getting lost, as hard drives crash and get wiped. I'm not really bitter that i no longer have photographs, i guess i would have kept some safe if it really meant that much to me, maybe printed one and framed it.... but it's not really that important to be honest.

This seems to be the only remaining photograph of the Surrey Heathens:

Viewpoint A:
The Surrey Heathens was a council funded organisation, set up in an attempt to rope in the youth and make the council appear 'hip' and 'cool' in the eyes of local parents and and the groups of skateboarders that would terrorise the streets of Camberley, annoying the residents with their noise and constructions of skate ramps and boxes. The council's idea was to promise the local scene a top notch 'extreme sports' facility, in exchange for the local skaters putting many hours into attending meetings about the development of the area. It was also an attempt for the council to try and be as cool and youth friendly as the council in Farnborough, who already had the Farnborough Massive, and had raised £120 grand for a new skatepark. Surrey Heath wanted a piece of this youth respect.

Viewpoint B:
The Surrey Heathens was a group of close friends, who regularaly skateboarded in Camberley, and were offered the chance to form an official council backed organistaion, and recognition for the hardship that was no good spots in the area, with funding available to put on events, and fill the local sports centre with ramps to skate during the cold dark christmas holidays.

I guess i used the Surrey Heathens as my first real excuse to make videos just for the fun of it, rather than for uni..... no wait, we made videos before then.... check this mad old school footage that Bob and I filmed in Germany.... I'm especially feeling the garms i'm rocking.

Skating in Germany circa 2001

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