Monday, 6 August 2007

Onetaste Promo - Bob

I made this advert for Onetaste about a year ago, which was aired in an interval break for a show called Tastebuds. Its my first piece of work that got on the telly so I was well chuffed to do it. I drew a lot of influence from Inua's artwork/illustrations which are dam fine and sum up visually the Onetaste vibe. I also had the title sequence for the Tastebuds show that another guy had done, which had all these animated plants going and looked rad. So yeah, I basically tried to recreate a mix of the flyers and the title sequence....combined with live footage from the Onetaste nights, and this is what I got.
I only had 3 days to think of what to do and make it, and had to learn how to the vine animations on the job so Im quite pleased how it turned out, although looking at it now I can see all sorts I would change...

You should go check this Onetaste night out though, its proper good. The chips are massive too.

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