Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Kill The Arcade version 1.0 - James

The thing about filming bands live is that you dont have any control whatsoever. By the summer of 2006 i had got in to gigs by most of my favourite bands, by using my video camera. (Rancid came later in December, and was the best of them all!) However its hard because no matter how sober you stay, and how professional you present yourself, the fact of the matter is that the show must go on. You are simply a spectator, but with a video camera and an access all areas pass. My biggest annoyance is the lighting. Lighting at gigs is aways terrible. Always. Anyway i wanted to make real music videos, where i could direct the action, and control the look and feel of the video. So i made one. With £26 to hire a generator and a lot of help from Bob, we hooked up with a local band in an abandonned farm, and shot this:

Kill The Arcade

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