Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Rest In Peace Muffin Man - James

Off the back of the Kill The Arcade video, we were contacted by a guy called Aaron who seemed really willing to work on some stuff with us. He was a composer or musician or something along those lines, scoring soundtracks to TV adverts, but in his spare time he was working on this youth project in Harringay, North London. That area is really rich, except for this one estate called Campsbourne right in the middle of all the posh towns. Campsbourne is essentially a ghetto, it has been forgotten by the council and left to rot and decay, along with all the residents stuck there. On Friday 8th September 2006, one of the local kids died in a motorbike accident, and in the process his death managed to bring all of the residents together to form a sense of community, and force the council to take action and do something to help the forgotten youth in this area, to help them make something of themselves and break out of the ghetto. A project was devised where the council would fund them recording a hip hop track, and a video to go with it, which was then sent to Channel U, Trouble etc, and the kids got to see themselves on the TV. Here is the video we made:

Muffin Man RIP

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