Monday, 13 August 2007

University :S - James

I'm pretty sure I didn't really make the most of uni. Its true that you get out what you put in, and i just didnt put anything in, at all. I probably could have applied myself and maybe been something average or above average, but i guess i just wasnt feeling the whole vibe, at all. I'd rather just play in punk bands and go skating! who wouldnt?! It wasn't a complete waste of time though... I mean i met some awesome people and made some friends for life, those to particularly note are Barney ( and Ross ( . These guys were without doubt not only the two most talented people on the course, but the two nicest people on the course that i would be proud to call my buddies.

I worked with Ross on pretty much everything i could, because i knew it would get me a better grade than working with anybody else, plus i'd have fun at the same time, and not produce some completely useless pretentious student wank that everybody else would come out with.

(I have lifted this info entirely from Ross' site because i'm mad lazy)

The Kingdom of Shadows

2005, Drama/Fantasy

Alex Jenkins is a lonely 8 year-old boy. One day, he discovers an old box which holds a doorway to the magical kingdom of shadows…

Format: 16mm
Length: 17mins
Screenings: The National Film & Television Theatre (Surrey Institute of Art & Design Screening, June 2005)
The 16th International Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester (Manchester Evening News Cinema, 3 September 2005)
Novacon 35 (Official selection fantasy/science fiction films, November 2005)
Information TV (Ronke, 8.30pm, 14 November 2005)
Propeller TV (Film First, 10pm, 6 February 2006)

Alex Jenkins is a lonely 8 year-old boy. One day, he discovers an old box which holds a doorway to the magical kingdom of shadows. This is a world which exists purely of scenes from the Lumiere filmstrips. Alex explores the kingdom and encounters some of the eerie ghost-like figures who live there. After finding his way back home, Alex tries to convince his parents of the discovery, but his mother is reluctant to listen. Later, Alex's father visits the kingdom, but is inadvertently stranded there when his wife destroys the only door back to the real world.

Standing Down
2005, Drama/war

Tense stalemate between two soldiers. Or is it all a terrible misunderstanding?

Format: Digital
Length: 5mins
Screenings: Propeller TV (Film First, 10pm, 17 January and 6 February 2006),
Shortcutters TV (tbc, 2006)
The Shortcutters Festival, (The Canvas Club, London, 25 February 2006)
The Final Cut Film Festival (Ocean Rooms, Brighton, 17 May, 2006)

Two soldiers, one British, one German, face off on a battlefield during World War II. Although neither one can understand each other, the German seems intent on explaining something to the Brit. Stubborn, uncompromising and a fine example of the stiff upper lip, the Brit refuses to budge, even when it is revealed that the odds are stacked firmly against him.

The Right Impression
2005, Comedy

Tom tries desperately to maintain his smooth reputation in the office, on the eve of his big promotion.

Format: Digital
Length: 11mins
Screenings: Propeller TV (Film First, 10pm, December 23rd, 2005)

Tom, is a highflying business man heading for a big promotion. Things begin to go wrong for him when his plans to take his boss, Mr Robertson, out to the theatre do not work out. Not only has Tom lost the tickets, just minutes before Mr Robertson arrives, but cocky colleagues David and Sarah ridicule him as his smooth reputation is destroyed.

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