Sunday, 19 August 2007

College Years - Video 2 - Bob

So the first year of college was pretty useless in terms of projects they, thanks. 
But being 1 of about 15 people that knew what a lens was in the college, I got asked to dop a short film in the summer of '06. It was written/directed by a guy called Simon Mitchell and produced/edited by a guy called Charlie Miller. It helped that these were 2 of the safest guys on the course, and the most screws loose too. It was shot over 3 of the hottest days in Brighton ever. 
One hand-made camera mount, a camera running off a car battery, sunstroke, getting an actor to say communicative, and following a heard of uncooperative cows around a field later...this got made;

(Click image to view takes a while to load, so go make a cuppa or whatever you like to do that takes 5 mins...)

I would write a synopsis but I still dont know what its about. A tutorial on how to shoot cows or something.
Simon won some kind of creative award for this and £1000 to write something new, wheres my slice playa?
Oh, and our camera was a bit broke so all the footage with something shiny in it has some stupid bling lens flare on it...thanks ravensbourne.

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