Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Where it started for me - Bob

Heres a collection of the first videos I edited. Shot on a cheap 1-chip camera I bought when I was 17. All done just cos I had nothing better to do. Skating is well fun.

The Rad Shredders

Skating edited for fun, Intro animated to learn something new.

Concept: Guy with a bald head and a bad walk is strolling along and finds a video on the floor. He picks it up and before his eyes the video box comes alive, animating in his hands. He takes the video back to his 'Tv Room' (???) and watches 'The Rad Shredders' skate infamous spots such as 'double curb', 'the underground', and 'the apocalyptic church' .

Made about 3 years ago before I had even thought about going to Uni and doing this video stuff 'for real'....and dam, it shows. It was a creation out of boredom. Having returned from Australia and moving into my brothers hallway while I 'found my feet', I had time to kill, and lots of it. Not using a computer other than email for about a year I felt like learning something new and liked the look of rotoscoping. About a 1000 frames drawn with a dodgy mouse later I had a pretty stupid intro, featuring my first voice over debut, and an early indulgence with 'nu-rave colours'. It was the first time I've ever done animation thats not stop-motion, and probably the last. I went on to become a postman and the most tired person ever.

Oz Video

Made same sort of time as 'The Rad Shredders', so I could remember how good it is to skate in Australia and show my friends that couldnt make it this time round. When I'm rolling in all the lottery money I'm going to win this is the first country I'm heading for.

Weird Backward Skating Video

Another one killing time on the dole, before postie days. Its backwards and has music on it...how clever am I.

Hope you enjoy them all. Dont take em seriously or nothing, they're the equivalent of a video doodle...just scribbling, learning stuff.


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