Monday, 30 July 2007

We dont smile for the camera.

Hello and welcome to the Stitchthat blog - a place for us to unload our heads and show people what we do, how we do, and.....who we do?
Stitchthat wasn't a planned thing, its just growing naturally...and we like it that way. We're a group of friends that share an interest in photography, film, art, animation and illustration and like to make stuff for fun and to relieve boredom. Originally brought together through a love of skateboarding in their teens, we grew down together, brothers from different mothers...and spent many days building stuff, painting stuff, breaking stuff and skating stuff. Living in a suburban town with nothing to do, we got pretty good at making our own fun, and in a roundabout way it fueled our creativity.
There are 3 core heads in the Stitchthat collective, but we like to get about abit on our own cheap whores. 
These 3 heads are; 

James - A skinny white emo with big melons (the skate variety). If you could get a movie director (big budget) and a punk band (small budget) and squish them together...add some Gondry esque inventiveness and mold it into an average size human, so as not to scare off the children, then you would have our Jim.

Martyn - A cornish fella, godly in appearence, skates fast and hurts fast. Originally a painter, illustrator, and animator, he is a creative time bomb waiting to go off when he combines his mediums. 

Bob - A bit of a dark horse. Adapts himself to different creative techniques, classically trained in broadcast and film, yet always wanting to make some crazy animation with...well anything. A repressed shopaholic and a pretty dam good photographer to boot. A good director for someone with no direction.

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